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Tidy Town Projects 2020
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Seymour’s Mausoleum Refurbishment

In 2020 we received funding for the complete conservation of Seymours Mausoleum and to celebrate Culture Night 2020 Lawrencetown Heritage / Tidy Towns Group presented a virtual tour of the newly refurbished Mausoleum, a family mausoleum commissioned by the Seymour family of Ballymore Castle in the 19th Century. Thanks to funding from the LEADER programme, the Irish Georgian Society, and Galway County Council, this landmark of great historical interest to Lawrencetown has been conserved and maintained

Walking Track

In 2020 a 500m fully lit walking track was constructed around the community field to finish off and complement the amenity which includes a MUGA pitch and a car park. This walking track opening just in time for the second covid lockdown and has been a hugely popular amenity in the village. Thank to LEADER and GRD for funding and support for this project.

Renovation of Village Water Pumps

In 2020 we refurbished 5 local water pumps, Kylemore, Oghil, Killeavney, Ballymore Upper & lismany bringin these significant cultural heritage icons back to life. Huge thank you to our Clonfert Association Community Employment Scheme worker for his conservation work on these pumps and for doing a fantastic job in keeping Lawrencetown looking wonderful.

Heritage App

Building on the work of the heritage trail brochure in 2017, Lawrencetown now has a heritage trail app. The app is fully interactive, user-friendly and highlights the history and heritage of Lawrencetown village. You can use it on your next trip around the village and it will give you all the information on the landmarks you are passing. We want to say a huge thank you to Galway County Council for the funding received and also William Dervan from Lawrencetown for the assistance with the app development. Click here to download the app.