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Tidy Town Projects 2019
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The Gothic Folly Restoration

Our heritage project for 20182019 was the restoration work on the Gothic Folly.  A conservation architect assessment was carried out, consultation with the Galway Co. Co. conservation officer was completed and the works were tendered. The costings for the work were quite high and therefore we needed to secure funding before we could commence. Although we applied for both Built Heritage Investment Scheme (BHIS) and the Structures at Risk (SAR) in 2018 and 2019 we were not successful. We then made contact with the Follies Trust UK https://follies-trust.org/ and were successful in securing E5k in funding. Work began in May 2019 and was finished in September 2019 and included removal of vegetation, repointing of stone work, structural repairs to the right buttress and securing of pinnicles. The new gates were provided by the local landowners to finish the area. The heritage sign at the site was funded by Galway Co. Co.

Redevelopment of the Village Green

In 2019 we applied for and received E12.8k in Community Enhancement Scheme funding which allowed us to:

  1. Remove the large ESB pole and anchor from the green, redirect the wires to new poles erected in other locations away from the green
  2. Remove the two urban style lights and relocate the ESB pillar box
  3. Remove 4 large flower beds and 3 (young) trees from the centre of the green where they were cluttering up the useable space.
  4. Install two new heritage lampposts complete with hanging baskets to frame and illuminate the green at night
  5. Install wooden seats on top of the stone slabs behind the pump to create a warm and inviting seating area.
  6. Paint the houses and shed in the green area and place window boxes on the cills.

The village green has been reestablished as a meeting point and a focal point for the village – something that was missing for quite a few years. We had a wonderful community day there  to mark the opening of the green and the end of our 2019 ‘Let’s Get Active’ fitness event. All the community came out and the two pubs either side of the green provided music and BBQs.