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Lawrencetown National School
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Lawrencetown N.S. has been a stalwart feature of our community for over 150 years. Originally, the school opened in 1867 and was located in the building, which we now know as the Community Hall. However, a new school building was sanctioned in 1939 by the Department of Education , on a site by the R355 road and the new building was officially opened there in 1940. The school still stands proud here today.

The building has undergone many, many changes throughout the years, including structural and physical. A great example of this is the school car-park, which opened in September 2019. This project was completed alongside Lawrencetown Community Development Group, Local Authorities and the Government, in response to the lack of parking outside the school, which posed a huge threat to the safety of staff, parents and pupils being dropped off and collected before and after school.

The building also recently underwent a major energy upgrade, including insulation installation and a state of the art heating system. This has made our school a warm, comfortable and an environmentally friendly building to work in.

Many staff have also passed through its doors and more recently , we welcomed our new Principal, Mr. Andrew O’ Regan. Lawrencetown N.S. has educated many generations of families and is proud of the many historical, traditional and local links it has forged, as well as the strong and steady interpersonal relationship between the school and our whole community.
Lawrencetown N.S. is also a prominent and progressive school in many areas. We are very proud of our achievements in areas such as sport, the environment and science.

As well as achieving success in ‘Cumann na mBunscoil’ competitions, some of our past pupils have gone on to win titles at county and club level in hurling and camogie. Our love for sport has also been fostered by the addition of the MUGA Pitch and walking track at the rear of the school. These facilities open us up to a broader variety of sports including basketball, gaelic football and athletics.

The school also boasts 13 ‘Discover Primary Science and Maths Awards’, 8 Green Flag Awards and has been recognised as a ‘Digital School of Distinction’ since 2017. These awards and many other achievements are testament to the high standards of teaching and learning that our school holds itself to.
The future also looks very bright for Lawrencetown N.S. Currently there are 4 mainstream classroom teachers, 1 Special Education teacher and 83 pupils on the school roll. Projections show that this number will grow over the next few years, indicating that Lawrencetown N.S. will continue to be a significant and integral part of our community for some time to come.