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Tidy Town Reports
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Lawrencetown established its first Tidy Towns committee in 1970 and entered the competition for the first time in 1971 and every year since. In 1980 we won an award for best village in Galway. The work of the group is immensely important in a small rural community such as Lawrencetown and its development. The tidy towns’ competition provides a structured framework for us to plan and do our work and provides support and guidance annually on best practice and areas on which national emphasis is being placed. Without the tidy towns competition rural communities such as ourselves would be rudderless in terms of vision and long term strategy.

This page holds the most recent reports from the Tidy Towns competition since 2011. The following reports show the sustained effort put into the village and the tidy towns competition. Older reports can be found on the tidy towns website at the following link: https://www.tidytowns.ie/reports/report_year=2017&report_county=galway

Tidy Town Reports

2019 Tidy Towns Report

2018 Tidy Towns Report

2017 Tidy Towns Report

2016 Tidy Towns Report

2015 Tidy Towns Report

2014 Tidy Towns Report

2013 Tidy Towns Report

2012 Tidy Towns Report

2011 Tidy Towns Report