Emmanuel House

Emmanuel House of Providence is a Catholic centre for prayer and evangelisation and is  under the ecclesiastical authority of Bishop Michael Duignan. The buildings are sited about 300 metres from the Cathedral. A beautiful new oratory has been built, and a large meeting hall was built in 1988 and extended in 1996. A tearoom and toilet block have since been added. The old stone farm buildings have been renovated to provide living accommodation, office, shop and other facilities. In 1990 Eddie and Lucy Stones moved to Emmanuel House with their family in response to God’s call. The following year God called the Cullen family to a new ministry in Wisconsin, USA, their work of getting Emmanuel House off the ground now complete. Michael was ordained a deacon of the church on Sunday, 11 May 1997 and is responsible for a number of parishes in the diocese. The vision of Eddie and Lucy Stones for the centre is that it is a spiritual hospital where people can experience the healing power of God in spirit, mind and body.