In 2018 the tidy towns group made a decision, while the new access road and car park was being constructed behind the national school to seek to install an Electric Vehicle (EV) Car Charging Point for the Village.
The objectives of installing the EV charging point were (a) to raise sustainability awareness in the community (awareness), (b) encourage young teachers and coaches to invest in electric vehicles to address climate change and carbon emissions (Carbon off-setting) and (c) to let the community know that this technology is simple and becoming more and more widespread. (education) .
Background Information

Consumers who have exposure to electric vehicles are more likely to value them more highly and consider them as a choice for future purchases (Kurani et al., 2016; Larson, 2014; Gyimesi & Viswanathan, 2011). A survey by Consumer Federation of America (CFA, 2015) revealed that greater consumer knowledge about electric vehicles and their desire to purchase one are correlated. A study by Kannstatter & Meerschiff (2015) in Europe found that 71% of participants expressed interest in considering an imminent purchase of an electric vehicle after a test drive. In another study (Bunce et al., 2014), the number of drivers who were willing to pay a premium for a more environmentally friendly vehicle jumped from 51% to 74% after exposure to the Ultra Low Carbon Vehicle campaign in the UK.


LCDG believes that exposing residents to an EV charging point and seeing it in action will raise awareness and highlight this technology as a feasible and accessible technology for rural Ireland.   
The Project.
Enabling works i.e. underground ducting started in late 2018/early 2019 prior to grant application as the new access road was being built. The group applied for funding through Galway Co Co and the Climate Action Grant Scheme and we were awarded funding in 2019. The installation of the EV charging point was completed in March 2020. was chosen as our preferred supplier as they are on the electric vehicle map network and may increase visits to our village thereby increasing economic activity in the local shops/ pubs/ heritage trails/ other businesses. Currently there are 3,000 drivers registered on the ‘easigo’ network. Our location is advertised on the ESB/’easigo’ map and  the charging station can be booked in advance. 

The charger is a 22KW trickle charge point but can be upgraded to a fast charging point if the need arises. We can also add a second charging point to the same connection in the future 
If you would like to book the charging point please go to the following link: or download the Easigo App.