Meelick Weir

Meelick weir was originally built in the 1800s as part of the shannon navigation system; it is over 300m in length with a 12-sluice barrage that maintains and regulates the navigation level for the section of waterway between Athlone – Lough Ree and Meelick – Lough Derg. The weir and its walkway connect Galway and Offaly as well as linking into the Hymanny Way.
The oldest operating church in Ireland can also be found in Meelick alongside beautiful outbuildings, all of which have been lovingly restored over the last few years. The area boasts a picturesque rural Irish landscape that serves as the perfect backdrop to the River Shannon which allows the three counties of Galway, Offaly and Tipperary to meet. A brand new development has seen the opening of a boardwalk which just happened in November 2020 .