MUGA Pitch

In 2017 it was proposed to develop the community field behind the school to include a Multi Use Games Areas (MUGA) pitch. The installation of a MUGA on community owned land gives older children and teenagers a safe and accessible play area before, during and after school, in all weathers, which provides multiple benefits to children’s health, well-being, physical, personal, social and cognitive development. As well as the physical benefits that access to the MUGA brings, the MUGA provides an opportunity to develop positive social attributes. Access to an area that is safe and secure and that encourages physical activity for all is essential to all members of the community. This facility is an important asset for us.

Recently a fully lit walking track has been constructed around the land which provides a safe track for all members of the community to use for running and walking and complements the MUGA pitch providing a range of amenities for all ages. We hope you enjoy this facility.

The MUGA pitch is open to all and will continue to be unless there is any anti-social behaviour but if you wish to book the pitch for exclusive use e.g. 5-a-side soccer or team coaching sessions or wish to use the floodlights a booking system is available below. The cost is E30/ hr for regular usage and E40/ hour for once-off usage. The pitch is 20m wide by 40m long. All monies go towards the upkeep of the MUGA pitch and cost of lights.